When listening to the music of Primal Static, you’re exposed to an incredible range of sound and energy that is both primitive and 
sophisticated at the same time. Just when you think you may have nailed them down - roots in the blues?? – another song comes and busts them out of any genre you may have wanted to put them in. Combining different structures in to their songwriting, Primal Static have managed to cultivate a sound unlike anyone else making music today. The band, made up of  singer/songwriter/guitarist G.T. and multi-instrumentalist HouFei, have an agreement to put no boundaries on their music. With their new single, “Fall Before Your Pride,” Primal Static is continuing to make good on that promise. 

“ “Fall Before Your Pride” was recorded at a very sensual and removed farmhouse, located in the outskirts of Austin, Texas,” says G.T., “We rented and set up everything ourselves.” The single was mastered at Sterling Sound, following a similar path of their much-lauded EP, “The Corrupting of the Revolution.”  Both this new single, and the EP, were produced by G.T., engineered by HouFei, mixed by G.T. and Drew Millay and mastered by Joe LaPorta (who won a Grammy for his work on David Bowie’s last album, Blackstar). “We’ve tried to keep the sound and production very cohesive. It’s a good unit and it works well. Why mess with it?” 

With reviews calling “The Corrupting of the Revolution” (released in March, 2019) “dazzling and intriguing” and “individual, fresh and creatively honest,” the group was eager to put out new music as soon as possible. “During the time of the recording we had quite a few songs, so there was an air of great creativity and inspiration, and if you’ve ever lived in the South, you know how sweet one of those magic nights can be. We rented a lot of things, including, an amazing microphone that really accentuated my voice. We decided to stick with the same Telecasters we use live, and loads of tube amps, effects and such. There was a lot of unique electronics going on, which HouFei played to perfection. It’s so fun to push the parameters production wise, but still have it personable enough to be relatable on an organic level.” 

The duo, who have been working together for several years, have a short hand that allows them to always be in a state of creative fulfillment. While G.T. handles writing the music and lyrics, HouFei, a classically trained child prodigy who studied at the Peabody Institute, handles bass, keys and the occasional backing vocal. 

They agree that when it comes to recording music, there is no tried and true approach for the band other than trusting their instinct. Says HouFei, “G.T. sings and plays the songs he’s written, at various stages, which never cease to amaze me. We make decisions together as a band on what to record, arrangement, and then we do all the playing, singing, recording, engineering, producing... ourselves. There’s so much creativity and inventiveness involved, which is extremely exciting. It’s really my dream lived.” Adds G.T., “Usually I’ll sit around humming tunes, with an acoustic guitar or a drum beat or whatever, and record them. After that we sift through the material and pick out the gems. It’s very painstaking, but rewarding. I remember the great poet, Charles Bukowski saying poetry has to be “bim, bim, bim.” I like that a lot. There’s no point in making things difficult. We pick the songs that sing to us.” 

Thankfully the guitar heavy “Fall Before Your Pride,” with its soaring vocals and beautifully chaotic rhythms, “sang” to Primal Static. Like most of their songs, G.T. credits his unconscious with providing him with the inspiration. “I think the best songs come from the unconscious, so it’s best to let the listener decide what it means to them. One person could say that “Fall Before Your Pride” is a political satire… And another could say it’s about the environment… You see, when we play live, songs change meanings, night to night. Songs are chameleons. That way they remain timeless.” 

G.T. and HouFei hope to take these new songs on the road to their loyal (and growing) fanbase. “We’re proud of our body of 
work and our tenacity to get it out there for people. Audiences can expect truth and authenticity from our shows, and being in the moment. It can be thunderous, and it can be gentle. Anything can happen.” 

Unlike most artists, you never have to ask “what’s next?” to Primal Static. They exude creativity, be it in the Studio, on the road or just sitting together helping a song come to life. HouFei sums it up best. “I am most proud of the mercurial nature of the music and that it pushes boundaries into the unexpected. We’ve been really courageous. As a classical pianist, I took the composition for granted. Those great composers brought the, then new, compositions in front of audiences, often shocking to ears and breaking rules.  Now, with Primal Static, we are doing exactly that!"