" this is music that truly comes from within. And it’s a privilege that Primal Static share it with the world. . . . GT and HouFei are a lethal combination and make music like no one else."
 "a bold and rousing new adventure of noise as individual as it is wonderfully challenging....Together they create a proposition which tantalises ears and imagination whilst enveloping both like a sonic infection"
We've Got a Hard "Velvet Crush" on Primal Static's Palpitating New Electronic-Tinged Rock Sounds
"...electrifying audiences and the studio with their intense and hybrid sound that knows no boundaries."
"Embracing the unique dimensions of electronic music - a world of infinite possibilities - with the timeless soul of the blues and a caustic rock edge."
"This music is in its own genre. I can’t think of any other acts that combine two such differentiating styles. Then again, considering where the members come from, it shouldn’t be a surprise. When you see a one-of-a-kind band you should expect nothing less than one-of-a-kind music."
~ Creative Control Magazine

"Their style of music is a mix of hard core Texas blues combined with an electronica undertone. It works magnificently."
~Speak Into My Good Eye

"The songs have an aggressive nature to them, coupled with a piercing musical dynamic that will hit you like a ton of bricks the moment the music starts playing. I was particularly blown away at the duo right out of the gate, and they have that dynamic musicality that will set them off the charts, and away from the rest of the pack as well."
~ Music Box Pete

 "it's a captivating EP that captures all of the components heard in alternative rock, yet is mixed with an eclectic and hypnotic rock sound and the soul found in blues."

"those who came witnessed how only two band members can elevate the sound of music to electrifying heights.... Most of us believe a band should consist of at least three members. What Primal Static showed on Sunday was that the two-headed beast could outbest the three-headed one."
~SUNY Buffalo The Records 

"if you were on the hunt for something new, look no further than Primal Static....They have a novel method of creating new music with their combination of sounds that makes them stand out from any other band in the music scene today."
~The Aquarian NYC

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